Our long awaited new Fuse Air and Adventure packs are now available in our online-shop and world-wide – just in time for the 2019 outdoor season!

While the Fuse Air was designed with bikers and light hikers in mind, the Adventure is our first pack designed not primarily around our Widepac hydration bladder, but our developers started with a layout suiting multi-day hikes and camping adventures.

Our Fuse packs family is popular for its light weight, straight forward design, attractive pricing and value-for-money, and of course all the Widepac advantages. The 8L and 12L Fuse gets a new sister pack: the Fuse Air. It’s the light and thoughtful design of the Fuse packs, with added stability and ‘Air’ for your back.

Extra Ventilation and Stability for the Fuse

Extra ventilation for your back is provided thanks to a super-light metal frame that lifts the pack off your back. Padded contact points at shoulder and lower back level are connected with a mesh fabric that allows for 100% back ventilation. Obviously, the new metal frame in the back-design of the Air Fuse also adds stability to the lightweight Fuse pack, and the enhanced hip-belt will take some weight off your shoulders.

More Comfort For Your Back

In short: While our proven Fuse 8L and the larger Fuse 12L hydration backpack put the focus on lightweight materials and basic no-frills design, the latest Fuse pack improves comfort for your back, which you will appreciate especially on the days where you need to lug more weight around.

Comfortable load bearing is the main focus of the new Adventure packs. The Adventure pack comes in two sizes as a 23+5L and a 30+5L version.

Adventure Pack With Expandable Main Cargo Compartment

Our new Adventure Packs line is all about comfortable wear and maximizing smart cargo space. The Adventure 23L+5L and the Adventure 30L+5L are designed to give you maximum freedom how to separate and pack your gear in the different compartments. The most visible feature of the new Adventure packs is the smart folding top sleeve that expands and gives you up to 5L extra space in the main compartment if need be, without affecting the carrying comfort of the pack.

Lugging Dirty Gear, Wet Gear, Poles, Tents, Mats, Shoes …

Looking at the zippers and straps, inside and outside, there are plenty of compartments for dirty and wet gear to be stored without touching the rest of the pack’s content. The main compartment, flexible in size, is accessible from the top as well as suitcase style from the front. Find all the details and features of our new packs in in our SOURCE Packs section on SourceOutdoor.com >>