Let us tell you a story of entrepreneurship, innovation and passion: the story of Source. It all began 30 years ago, with Yoki Gill and Danielle Benozilio designing and sewing an iconic washbag…

When Yoki Gill and Danielle Benozilio presented their first homemade washbag to the leading outdoor and travel shop chains in Israel in 1989, they would not have envisioned to be the owners of one of the most iconic brands in Israel thirty years later.

The said washbag turned out to be a success and Yoki and Danielle needed to think of a brand name: handwritten textile tags with the name “Source” (שורש) were the start of a brand that would become a success story over the next three decades.

Yoki and Danielle soon developed their next product: a money belt. Demand was high and with the production headquarters containing three sewing machines set up in the in the living room of Yoki’s parents, Yoki and Danielle, together with their first employee Manal, worked day and night to keep up the supply.

These first products of Source already held the same unique values Source embodies until today:

  1. We treat each product, whether small or large, money belt or backpack, with the same seriousness;
  2. We stick to the rule “form follows function”;
  3. We value simplicity highly;
  4. We never stop exploring new materials or ways of production; when we find room for improvement, we do not hesitate to change;
  5. We calculate the selling price based on the cost of production and not on how much it could be sold for.

A new market in Israel

With these first handmade products, Source opened the Israeli outdoor market for innovative high quality products. Costumers learned to appreciate the sophisticated yet simple designs, the durability of the materials used and the sustainability of the concept of the new brand. Thirty years later, Source is one of the most iconic Israeli brands, still adhering to its original values and pursuing the goal to connect human and nature.

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