We’ve been supporting Carlos Goldberg’s Israel National Trail run, his attempt to cover the 1,000km long rugged trail in 15 days. Today, three quarters into the run, his adventure ended very abruptly.

For the last days, we’ve been following Carlos in a kind of awe, watched him cover 60, 70, 80 km a day on a trail that is definitely not made for running. Once Carlos made it out of the desert without reporting any injuries or bad feelings, we thought it would be a speedy walk home for him, maybe even beating his original estimate of 15 days.

But early morning today, his text-message came as a big surprise: A previously reported ache had grown into a sudden pain, Carlos is suspecting a torn ligament to be responsible – or some other injury of the sort he couldn’t ignore any longer – and he was picked up by a supporters car.


While Carlos is at home now, we’re sending him best wishes for a speedy recovery – and we can only stress again what an inspiring project this has been!



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