You’ve had it all: the red roses, the fancy chocolates and the candlelight dinner. Now it’s time to switchgear for your Valentine’s Day and try something new. Here’s our best ideas how to share your love for the outdoors with the love of your life – experiencing real outdoor-loving on and off the beaten track.  

Go Camping …

Leave the city behind, and get out into nature for a very special Valentine’s Day! Spending time outdoors, back to basics, and without the frills of everyday-life is the best way to truly relax and recharge. If you’re afraid of failing to pitch a tent in the middle of nowhere, or if the chances of bad weather are high, you may opt for the more luxurious version: glamping.

… or Glamping

The glamping trend has its upsides and downsides. Fact is, these services are booming. Professionals pitching a tent for their glamping guests, or setting up a trailer with all amenities in a remote spot, are drawing newbies to the beautiful outdoors. You can also take it a step further and rent a yurt or a treehouse in the middle of nowhere… Check out Airbnb or Trip Advisor Rentals – the possibilities for a different get-away are endless!

Picknick in Nature

There shouldn’t be much to discuss about the wine-and-dine-part of your love-adventure. Important: don’t forget the romantic decor. Bring a nice blanket. Bring lots of comfy pillows. Candles with proper protection from the wind. Outdoor lights to hang in the trees…. And while you’re at it, make sure your picknick spot has a VIP sunset-view. Questions?

Get that Adrenaline Kick

Try something scary together! Whether it’s bungee jumping, skydiving, canyoning – there’s no better way to make lasting memories than by pushing your limits together! Just don’t let hormones get the better of you: safety first – even when trying to impress your valentine.

Go for a Hike

No need to climb Mount Everest! But getting up bright and early for a long day walking, wandering and wondering in nature, enjoying views and even reaching a peak will leave you with a feeling of achievement and the deep satisfaction of a day well spent. On top of that, you never had a better reason to add a foot-massage, and to relax the aching bones and muscles in a hot bubble-bath together …

Make a Bonfire

… and grill marshmallows. No further instructions needed.

Go Star-Gazing

It won’t get any more romantic. Find a place with the least light pollution and get to enjoy the stars so close you can touch them! Bring a cozy blanket to lay on, hot chocolate or tea to keep warm from the inside … Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Last but not Least: Presents

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