600 KM covered, the toughest part of the INT behind him, a beautiful stretch of trail ahead … An infection in Richard Bowles’ left foot didn’t let him continue. 

Richard was running on painkillers for the last days, covering 80KM since the doctor drained his infected left foot at the clinic the day before. At noon he couldn’t do it anymore.

Richard: «My girlfriend Vickie held me up for the final 2km as my leg kept giving way due to the infection. I feel broken, my body and mind are in great form….but my left foot is infected and unbearably painful.»



As there is no plan-b for this case, we have to see how his foot is recovering. Richard is now pausing in Tel Aviv, seeing a doctor, then deciding how to continue. Stay with him.


Here’s a short 5 minute documentary about the INT Run so far

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