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Sahara |
Women’s Hiking

The classic and familiar model from Source in new colors.


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  • Vegan freundlichYes
  • Hersteller Source
  • Gewicht418gr / 0.9 lb (Size 38)
  • Länge27.5cm

Technology Features and Specs

Light weight
Source sandals made from durable and lightweight materials, allowing to wear them over time with low wear and tear as possible.
Fast dry of the sandal straps
Fast dry of the sandal straps, making them the perfect sandals for a watery hike or afternoon beach chillout Made from woven polypropylene threads in a tubular weave which allows for long-lasting durability. Polypropylene straps dry faster than the common nylon/polyester straps.
Anti-bacterial pad
We have combined a substance that prevents the development of bacteria in the material compounds of the sandals. The material is active throughout the life of the sandal and helps prevent the formation of unpleasant odors
A unique X-shaped strap system includes six anchor points allowing perfect sandal fasting to the foot. Registered Patent (U.S. Patent 5,561,919).
A.R.T1 / A.R.T2 Rubber Compoun
A.R.T1: is a unique rubber compound used in the sandal pad, improving the foot grip, allowing foot ventilation, and prevents unpleasant odors with an antibacterial ingredient. In addition, the unique rubber compound makes the sole of the sandals durable and prevents slipping even in humid conditions and challenging terrain.

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