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Winter Hydration Pro Kit

Our insulated and Rhino-Proof Durabag, inside our super-light Fuse 8L pack with the Tube Insulator added-on to prevent hydration freeze, makes the perfect Hydration Pack to hit the snowy slopes - and the best part: you'll be happy to use the set next summer with the included Widepac! Great value kit! 

Winter Hydration Pro Kit

Hydration Kit For All Conditions

This great value Kit gives you the insulated super-tough Durabag, inside our super-light Fuse 8L pack, with the Tube Insulator to prevent hydration freeze. The standard 2L Widepac comes on top of all this, making this combo a year-round winner for all outdoors sports.

Includes: Durabag 2L

The Durabag enforced cover gives this hydration system the durability of a tank and improved insulation. It is low profile to easily fit into any pack but can easily be attached outside a pack to save space.

Includes: Fuse 8L Pack

A light weight mid-volume pack. 8 Liters of cargo is just what you need for a short ride or hike. Separated between three compartments, one of them padded for protecting your mobile, cargo is easy to organize. A structured back system allows ventilation of the spine area of the back.

Includes: Tube Insulator

The full length zipper of our Tube Insulator makes it easy to put on. The small pocket at the mouthpiece end of the insulator is designed to hold a small hand-warmer device. Adding the hand-warmer prevents the Drinking Valve from freezing.

Includes: Widepac 2L

Our classic Hydration System with the wide opening and air-tight sliding closure. Low maintenance, zero taste - best in test for years!

Hydration Tip for Winter

Whichever Hydration System you choose: We recommend blowing air into the drinking tube every time after drinking. This way your water (or energy drink) is pushed back into the reservoir, making sure no water will freeze and block the tube.

SOURCE Hydration Technologies

Widepac Closure (U.S Patent No. 7,648,276,B2) - The original user-friendly Widepac™ Slide Closure opens wide, allows easy filling, cleaning, draining, and ice insertion. Airtight seal. Most SOURCE Hydration Systems and Hydration Packs feature reservoirs with our signature Widepac Closure.

Taste-Free™ System - Our co-extruded PE film retains the pure taste with absolutely no plastic flavor, also over time. (BPA and Phthalate free.)

GrungeGuard™ Technology - Our GrungeGuard™-Technology inhibits bacteria growth on the reservoir and drinking tube for the life of the system. Technology utilizes FDA-approved and EPA-registered anti-microbial agent. 

Glass-Like™ Technology - SOURCE's Glass-Like™ Film is 2000% smoother than standard TPU films, with virtually no difference from glass itself. This multi-layer Polyethylene film, manufactured in accordance with SOURCE's Glass-Like™ technology, prevents bio-film build up, making the system virtually self-cleaning.

Easy Care & Low Maintenance - Glass-Like™ technology combined with Grunge-Guard™ technology represents a new generation in hydration systems, in which cleaning is no longer an issue! Simply refill with water and drink again and again without special care. Water will remain fresh for days and even weeks. 


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Winter Hydration Pro Kit

Winter Hydration Pro Kit

Our insulated and Rhino-Proof Durabag, inside our super-light Fuse 8L pack with the Tube Insulator added-on to prevent hydration freeze, makes the...

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" Our tester left water in the Widepac for eight weeks without cleaning and reported no stinky taste or smell."
" More to love: The top opens wide like a paper bag for rapid filling. "

Mountain Bike Action Magazine SOURCE Hydration Review

" You owe it to yourself to use one of Source’s reservoirs. They truly are the best, cleanest-tasting reservoirs we’ve ever used. "

SOURCE Ultimate Review
Source Ultimate Review

" Forget about the plastic taste of your standard hydration system. The Widepac gives you full original taste of your drink from the first sip."

Vital MTB
star star star star star
Source Widepac Hydration System

" Filling up Source bladders is easy thanks to the wide opening."
" The Helix is drip-free, and very easy to drink from. "
" It is one of the easiest to use thanks to its nearly self-maintaining properties, and it is completely taste-free."