If you want to dust off those hiking sandals this winter, there are quite a few destinations you could visit. The Northern winter is cold and harsh, and it’s a delightful idea to be able to escape it. Here are a few places you can consider traveling to in order to save yourself from the harshness of winter.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one of the favorite destinations of northern travelers around the holiday season. Located fairly close to the equator, a trip to Rio de Janeiro might be just what you need to warm up and shake off the stresses of old man winter’s icy grip. In Rio, you’ll be able to explore a city with a ton of culture while basking in sunny skies and temperatures in the 80’s. You can listen to some great samba music performances, enjoy several carnivals, and, of course, lounge on one of the many beaches. One of the most highly-visited cities in the world, Rio clearly makes for a great holiday trip.

Another great place to consider for a winter getaway is Sydney, Australia. In the Southern Hemisphere, summer happens in the same months that are winter in the Northern Hemisphere. That means that the best time of the year to go to Sydney is right around the holidays. You’ll experience comfortably warm temperatures, friendly people, a relaxing atmosphere and plenty of funny stories to hear from the locals. Australia has always been considered one of the most welcoming countries for tourists, and they will share their culture and their history with you. You can hang out in bars, beaches, pubs, restaurants and anywhere else in Sydney while the stress evaporates in the warm Sydney climate.

One other options for travel in the brisk winter season is Cape Town, South Africa. As things cool down up here in the north, things are just heating up in South Africa’s hottest tourist spot. The beaches of Cape Town are very diverse, with many different beaches located at different parts of the city. The culture, infrastructure and natural setting of Cape Town make it an ideal visiting spot for northern tourists any time.