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Silk Road Mountain Race – How To Pack & Prepare For The Unknown…

Talking about extreme adventures, sports and racing in particular, there’s always a lot of talk about preparation. But how do you prepare for the unknown? Here’s how Markus Stitz around-the-world biker prepared for “definitely the hardest race” and “most challenging race” he was just in – he is reminiscing while he is waiting for the

Convertube Straw: A Thru Hiker’s Testimonial

Ashley aka @rainyhikes, a Thru Hiker and inspiring Instagram creator, about her take of our Convertube and hydration on the trail.

“Best Hydration Bladder” in Summer 2018

Independent testers around the world confirm also in 2018: SOURCE Widepac Hydration Bladders are market leading in terms of technology, materials and handling.

The Right Hydration Pack For Your Adventure

Our outdoor blogger and serial adventurer friends Chris and Antonia elaborate on their hydration-setup in different situations.

Hydration Bladders Advantages & Tips from Serial Adventurers

Antonia and Christian are serial adventurers, exploring the outdoors by kayak, on foot or climbing for over a decade already. Here’s their take on Hydration Packs and Hydration Systems. We’re always curious to hear what You do and think of the products we design and manufacture. So we invited Antonia and Christian, outdoor bloggers from

The ‘Frozen Widepac’ – Refreshing Cold Water For Hours

One of our favorite tricks for hydration in truly scorching heat is the ‘Frozen Widepac’ method: Packing the Widepac in the morning not with liquid water – but as a solid block of ice, frozen to the core. Depending on the heat and the pack you’re using, you’ll be sipping cold water for the most

Hipster Waist Pack: More Than Just Hydration

One of the questions we get most from riders and runners shopping for a light hydration pack: “What can I fit in the Hipster Hydration Belt?”

Hydration Belt vs Hydration Pack

Wether you go for a backpack or a waist-pack depends on your needs and style – but also what you might be wearing along with it …

Bikepacking Tips: Hydration and Footwear

Whatever weather you ride in, your gear will save the day or amplify your problems: tips on Hydration and Footwear for Bikepacking.

Bike-Packing With SOURCE Hydration & Sandals

Forget about mountainbiking, downhilling, enduroing, blazing trails for a second … Here’s a reminder that a bike can also serve as a preferred means of transportation.