Our hydration accessories add another big plus to our hydration solutions. Whether you want to prep your water bladder and hydration pack for cold winter activities, integrate a water filter with your drinking tube, find a solution to quickly refill on the go, or convert your regular water bottle into a hydration system – we’ve got it.

Over the years, our developers came up with unique solutions and ideas to elevate the comfort of your hydration pack to the next level. These accessories and kits are obviously all perfectly compatible with your SOURCE Hydration System.

Insulation – Preventing Hydration Freeze

Most of our current Widepacs come with a tube cover (offering protection, UV-block and minimal insulation). Once you go sub-zero, you might want to consider adding insulation and protection with the Widepac Hydration Bladder Insulator and the Tube Insulator. The coolest thing about the tube insulator: a small pocket designed to hold a small hand-warmer device next to your drinking valve. That will guarantee hydration flow also in arctic temperatures (read more in our blogpost about how to avoid hydration freeze).


Into The Wild – Drinking From Creeks And Wells

If you’re roaming the backcountry without access to certified drinkable and clean water, the Hydration Tube with Sawyer Filter (in case you already own a SOURCE bladder) or the Widepac Filter Hydration System offer integrated solutions to keep you safely hydrated in the wild. The inline Sawyer Filter lets you re-fill your bladder from creeks, rivers and wells – any natural water source, really – removing 99.99% bacteria and protozoa.


You’re In A Hurry – Refill Without Unpacking

The refill-routine of 1 putting the backpack down, 2 opening the backpack, 3 unclipping the drinking tube, 4 pulling the bladder out, 5 filling it up, 6 squeezing it back into the pack, 7 reconnecting the tube …. Especially if you have a fully loaded backpack, re-packing the bladder can be a challenge. Our developers came up with the solution. Meet the UTA Rapid Refill Adaptor: 1 Clip on the UTA, 2 plug in a bottle or faucet – that’s it. Without even removing the backpack from your shoulders. (Find out more about this genious invention on the UTA product page)


No Bladder, But Handsfree Drinking? – Here You Go

You love your drinking bottle, you never ever want to switch to a bladder (never say never) – BUT every time you see someone drinking handsfree, you feel a sting of envy? No more! We invented the Convertube for you. This kit converts your drinking bottle into a hydration system in a few easy steps and adds a tube and a Helix bite-valve. Adaptors cover the majority of available bottleneck diameters. Another plus: the kit is also available with an integrated Sawyer Filter.


Up Your Hydration Game

You’re happy with how the Widepac works for you and you’re just looking for additional comfort and ease of use? Here’s a few more hydration accessories are available as stand-alone items or as part of one of the kits:

With all these extras and accessories available, you still have an itch? – Let us know what you wish for, talk to us where you think we could improve our hydration systems, and our developers will be more than happy to take on the challenge. Enjoy the outdoors with SOURCE!