For the last 10 years, Raz Goren has designed, discovered and covered around 600 trails in Israel, probably more than any other mountain biker in the country. We’re proud to say he’s a SOURCE fan.

Raz says, his home-country is a “dream playground” for mountain biking. Over the last couple of years, more and more riders from Israel and from all over the world discovered the beauty of Israel’s diverse landscape. It’s a bike-boom.


Raz’ most favourite terrain for biking .. the desert.  (Picture: Raz Goren)


Some 20 years ago, Raz Goren was a professional tour-guide. Then he switched to high tech, where he still works in computer engineering. But that’s just one part of his life now. Four to five times a week he’s on his mountain bike, working out, keeping his shape, discovering new trails – and guiding tours again.

Once a week, for ten years now, he and a group of friends go for a ride somewhere in the country. Raz is the man in charge of scouting and  navigating. He has developed a feel for the landscape by looking at the map, he guides intuitively and finds trails through wadis in the desert, across ridges, through canyons and up the mountains. Together they’ve covered more than 16,000 km and counting.


The green north .. Israel has a wide range of terrains for mountain biking.  (Picture: Raz Goren)


The desert, he writes, is “the ultimate outdoor experience and offers great trails, many of them ancient and used for many years by camels”. He ‘smells’ the trail from what he sees on the map, even if the route is not marked.

Crucial for the preparation of these adventures: Hydration. Raz has been using SOURCE Hydration for many many years. We eventually supplied him with a SOURCE Spinner Pro Race for the shorter 2 hour excursions. For the quests where they go for hours into no-mans land, he’s in need of a bigger pack, to take a selection of bike-parts in case something breaks – and two 3 liter SOURCE bladders.


The mountainous terrain around Jerusalem make a great landscape  (Picture: Raz Goren)


Listening to Raz telling about the trails he discovered, linking ancient sites and steep cliffs, beautiful views and a natural pool at the destination, it sounds like Israel is truly a “dream playground” for mountain bikers. Find his trails on his website, free for download (most of the site is in Hebrew, use Google Translate!).

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