Meet the next generation of your favourite sandals: A year after we successfully adopted Cupron technology for our hiking merino socks, we are applying the antimicrobial Cupron technology to sandals, embedding Copper Oxide into the footbed. It’s good for your skin – and for your nose!

The Cupron idea made it to the news first in 2010, when it saved 33 trapped miners in Chile a lot of pain. Cupron socks were handed down to the poor workers trapped in the warm, damp and humid hole in the ground. Wearing the socks with embedded copper, their skin conditions showed rapid improvement. They emerged with feet that were clean and practically free of odor-causing fungus. The embedded copper-oxide reduced their funghi and infections.

Source – Applying innovation

This spring, Source launches its Cupron sandals: The copper oxide embedded in the footbed of Gobi and Stream sandals reduces microbial growth and helps improving the appearance of your skin. Walk, run, hike wherever, damp or dry, as you always did with your Source sandals. The new technology will improve your feet’s skin appearance. And it will reduce smell through the clinically proven anti-microbial effect.

Over 20 scientific article publications prove the positive effects of copper. In addition to that, being an essential nutrient for the body, copper is non-toxic, non-sensitizing and non-irritating to the skin. As it is not applied on the surface, but embedded inside the copper rubber footbed, its effect does not wear off, but it lasts throughout the life of the product.

Source Gobi Sandal Cupron Footbed

Source Gobi Sandal with new Cupron Copper Rubber Footbed

Outer space, deep caving

NASA is preparing a mission, which will investigate the effects of copper oxide embedded in clothing. And deep cave explorers have been fast in catching on to the new technology. Preventing skin conditions from fungi and bacteria in the damp environment is one of the major issues for explorers. (Read more about Cupron supporting the US Deep Caving Team).

Source sandals have been adventure-ready from day one. You don’t have to go to outer space or to the center of the earth to feel the advantages of Cupron. The new Source sandals’ Copper Rubber Footbed is built to eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms responsible for odors, and the Cupron helps improving your skin appearance. Get the new Gobi or Stream Sandal – and test it for yourself.