Arnhild Pross is one of the founders of Team Le Rêve Women’s Bike Team, a small group of ambitious road AND mountain bikers – and SOURCE Ambassadors in Germany. We see her just as much on the road bike as on the mountain bike. Her fellow teammate Julia also goes for Triathlon. We got curious: how do the racer and the offroader go together?

“There’s no general truth in this, but this is how I keep it: Most bike-workouts I spend on the road on my racing bike. It’s easier to balance the intensity. I can tail other, stronger riders. Otherwise as a girl, it’s often lonely out there, especially off the road. Also, I like that I get around more on the road. And I admit that I love the feel of the racing bike. Having said this, it’s critical for me to regularly get out there in difficult terrain, working on my technique, and i love ripping up dirty trails. That’s why once, twice a week i’m out there on my mountain bike.



All by yourself..?

“On the mountain bike I spend a lot of time with my posse, a group of friends, very skilled riders, all guys. I’m learning from them – without any pressure to perform – and we have loads of fun together. One thing i learned: biking is so much more fun with friends. I used to ride alone too much.

How do you keep it with hydration on the racer and on the mtb..?

“Regarding hydration, I more often go for bottles on shorter rides and on the roadbike. During winter, however (see pics), I use my Source pack to have a hot drink (no more than 60° C) with me and keep myself warm by wearing it under the outer layer, on the roadbike, mountainbike or cyclocrossbike. Also, for long rides on the mountainbike during the hot summer months and long distance marathon races, I prefer wearing a backpack so I can drink what I know works best for me. I use a minimalistic backpack (Spinner Pro model) for races and a more spacious one (Whistler) when I need to take more stuff with me.



Do you keep a workout schedule without bike?

“I also opened up for other workouts. There was a time when I spent most of my life alone on the bike or in the studio. Nowadays for me, the gym is a lot about meeting people, also helping each other out. As a general truth in my life: i’m a social person, i love my family and my friends, and if they need me, i’m with them and not on the bike.



What’s your highlights 2015 ..?

“Throughout the year, there’s highlights: Last year, i teamed up with my boyfriend and my brother for a roadtrip in the Black Foest area, later in the yeear in the year with our team-member Berlinde and my brother in the Kraichgau – it was a change in scenery, a challenging landscape, and to ride with my closest friends and family was an amazing experience. We’ll repeat this for sure this year.



“In our Team Le Rêve, we’re keeping in very close contact, to have an exchange of experience and to meet every now and then – never mind the distance we live apart – to ride together. To get a break from the daily routine, to push each other, and to enjoy life.



Are you joining your teammates for races?

“We’re excited to kick off the 2015 season. The three of us have different priorities for 2015: Julia will focus mainly on Mountain Biking this year, while not giving up her Triathlon. Berlinde will also have Mountain Bike Marathons as her top priority. My highlight will be the MTB Trilogy – a stage race i suffered hard last time around with its 4,700m to 8,500m of altitude and 160km to 230km of distance … To keep up to speed with our schedule, follow us on our website (, German) and Facebook (!”