Beyond all the good practical reasons and advantages why our Source Filtering kits are the must have outdoor gear of this summer, here’s three strictly technical reasons, why our developers chose Sawyer filters over other competing water purifying and filtering technology to pair with our SOURCE Hydration Systems.

Reason 1: Sawyer Filters are 0.1 micron ABSOLUTE

There are cheaper filters in the market, but when they talk about 0.1 micron filtering capacity they are likely nominal filters, meaning there are variances in the pore size. Sawyer filtering pores are 0.1 micron or smaller which is why the SOURCE-Sawyer Hydration Filtering-Kit can claim absolute microns.

And that’s why the filtration rates are much higher than that of competition filters.

Other filters may try to claim they are a 0.1 micron filter, 0.2 micron filter etc. but that means nothing if it’s not declared absolute. By the way: The real tell is the log removal rates. If someone is claiming they are the same micron size as Sawyer but their log removal rates are not as high (99.99999% vs 99.99% etc) you know they are not truly the same quality.

Reason 2: Robust fibers

Just as our SOURCE Hydration Reservoirs, the fibers of the Sawyer filter are built to last. The filtering fibers can take up to 40 PSI without bursting. This is not the case with cheaper alternatives.

The high pressure is not applied when drinking, usually, but when backwashing the filter for re-use and re-use and again re-using it. For proper backwashing you need to apply pressure. In other filters, under pressure the fibers will collapse – and not be functional.

Reason 3: Tooling

A lot of cheap Sawyer knock offs use inexpensive tooling for the casing. If the tooling is not precise, medical grade tooling (like Sawyer’s) any imperfection in the casing can potentially lead to a leak inside the filter where water can bypass the filter altogether – which is the worst case because it allows pathogens to get through. Don’t save money in the wrong place!

Bottom line: Best quality filter for best quality hydration system

Our SOURCE Hydration Systems deliver best quality – now also in cooperation with Sawyer for our Hydration Filtering Kits. If you are curious to know more about what makes SOURCE Hydration Systems better bladders? Read up here in our blog!

SOURCE Filtering Hydration System Sawyer