“I bought my Source sandals in 1998 …” it said in an email we received a few weeks ago. Attached were pictures of a pair of well worn-out Stream Sandals. We love this kind of story about our products!

“I’m emailing with a compliment and some questions about my Source sandals,” opened Tami E. from Australia her email to us. For us, hearing back about sandals that we manufactured 20 years ago, is like an uplifting surprising encounter walking into an old friend on the street.

Durable Stream Sandals 20 years
Tami E., who sent us the email, added some of the adventures the sandals were on:

“I bought my sandals in May 1998 from a camping/outdoor store in Cape Town, South Africa (where I started my backpacking). I wore them for two years backpacking, as well as on holidays since then, and they are still in great condition!”

Source Sandals Tan Vietnam
Sounds like this particular pair of Stream Sandals has a story to tell!

“They were well used as I travelled through Southern Africa, East Africa, Central Europe, a bit of Eastern Europe, the UK & Ireland, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and Vietnam and South East Asia.”

Not so bad for one pair of sandals – that is more than many of us will see in their lifetime.

“They are the best sandals I’ve ever had – comfortable from the first day, and still great! So thank you for a fantastic product!”

Source Sandals Numbering ID
As all our sandals are made with a SOURCE Product Identification Number, we are able to track back every pair of SOURCE Sandals ever made to the workers that actually manufactured them.

Best regards from the entire SOURCE Team to you, Tami, and safe travels with SOURCE also for the next 20 years!

“Thanks again for making such long lasting, comfortable, and high quality products!”