Congrats to Adventure Runner Richard Bowles from all of the SOURCE team! He did it – covering the rugged 1,200 km of the Heysen Trail in 14 days and 8 hours, setting a new all-time record. Find his press-release below.



Since setting out from Parachilna Gorge on the Heysen Trail at 6.30am on Sunday 4th May, Richard and his crew have been non-stop, with each day full of challenges from navigation and logistics to managing Richard’s recovery and ability to get back on the trail each morning!

Averaging 85 km a day on what was a really challenging trail with hundreds of mountain climbs and rough, rocky trail underfoot Rich stayed focused, positive and enthusiastic the whole way….even when faced with a 330km distance with just 3 days to go, and feeling completely fatigued, he just said “I’ll keep moving forwards and see what happens!”.

What happened was he smashed the previous record by a whipping 20 days! The Adelaide community came out in full force, supporting Richard and the crew in so many ways, from food and accommodation, to running with Rich on the last few days, cheer squads and and kind words came at just the right time!

Richards girlfriend Vickie, in tears at the finish line said, “Ive seen Rich run these long trails before, but this was just unfathomable, I honestly don’t know how he does it…the trail was tough, but I guess he is just that bit tougher!”.

Live from the trail his team relased 5-8 minutes films capturing the adventure in a unique way. Find part 1 & 2 below. Part 3 will be ready later this week. Enjoy!


Richard Bowles Heysen Trail Documentary – Part 1:


Richard Bowles Heysen Trail Documentary – Part 2:


More about Richard Bowles’ Heysen Trail Run: