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From Flexiflask to the Widepac Hydration System – SOURCE Innovation History

Our unique hydration technology was a quantum leap in hydration systems: providing a clean, healthy, easily accessible source of hydration for people on the move. SOURCE is one of the first makers of hydration reservoirs and today a leading company in the field of personal hydration. Adventurers, professional athletes, soldiers and truly anyone that enjoys

Video: 30 Years SOURCE Innovation History

Watch our video looking back at 30 years of SOURCE innovation history in outdoor gear, and check out our related blogposts talking about the legendary SOURCE Sandals history and milestones in the development of SOURCE. In 30 years of SOURCE we have developed new technologies and designs that have shaped the outdoor market in product

The Source Sandals Story

The first hiking sandal in the world: almost 30 years ago, SOURCE introduced a completely new product to the outdoor community …

30 Years of Source – How It All Began

Let us tell you a story of entrepreneurship, innovation and passion: the story of Source. It all began 30 years ago, with Yoki Gill and Danielle Benozilio designing and sewing an iconic washbag… When Yoki Gill and Danielle Benozilio presented their first homemade washbag to the leading outdoor and travel shop chains in Israel in

30 Years of SOURCE Innovation, Tradition and Love For The Outdoors

Celebrate with us the 30-years success story of Source. Driven by the passion to connect ‘human and nature’ Source was born as an idea of Yoki Gill and Danielle Benozilio and has grown to being one of the most iconic Israli brands.