We’re happy to share the first-hand account and testimonial of outdoor veteran and SOURCE rookie Lou Leonardis, taking our hydration system for a canyoneering and rock climbing adventure in Utah.   

“Recently I began cycling and mountain biking with Gili Torovezky and he introduced me to the Source family of products including hydration systems and water bladders. He had shared many adventure stories of how much he loves to use Source products during his training and escapades. I could only listen to his stories and admire the gear from a distance… until recently.


Discovering the Source advantages

Gili was generous enough to provide me with a brand new Source hydration bladder to try out. I noticed some immediate differences from decades-old technology that I was used to:

  • The bite valve had an attached, protective cover.
  • Markings on the water bladder told me how much liquid was present.
  • A quick release clip allowed for easy remove the hose from the bladder.
  • A GIANT opening at top to fill the bladder.
  • An easy, secure clip to keep bladder leak-free.


 Source Hydration System put to the test

I decided to really put the SOURCE hydration bladder to the test on a recent trip to Zion National Park in Utah, USA where three of us descended Heaps Canyon. Heaps is an unforgiving, technical canyon where ropes and teamwork are needed to successfully descend it. Rappelling into unknown environments which include deep, cold water in places that never see sunlight requiring you to swim with your gear and climb out of pools of water that have smooth walls. This canyon can require hours-long, substantial efforts where life-threatening dangers exist. As you can tell from me writing this, I survived and so did the Source bladder!



Valve cover for pure hydration

Since the hose and bite valve were always exposed to the abrasive stone, stagnant waters, and lots of “gunk” it was really nice to have the cover. It kept debris and sand off the valve and out of my mouth. The valve’s rotating lock feature is nice but I wish it had a simpler operation. Some form of lever would make the lock-unlock action simpler. However, once the valve is unlocked, it offered generous flow of clean water into my body.

Benefit of the Widepac opening

Filling the bladder was so simple. Having the top completely open was such a benefit and cleaning the inside and refilling is a snap. The large opening also allows it to dry quickly between uses. The green, sliding piece to keep the bladder closed was a little heavy but I really liked the small tabs at the end of it that locked it in place (I always worry about water leaking into my backpack). The opening and closing of the hydration bladder literally takes a blip and the removal of excess air is super easy.

By the end of my trip, I had bonded with my Source bladder and look forward to living happily ever after. Thanks Gili and Source, I love it.

Lou Leonardis