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Tips For Fun Camping with Children

A camping trip with the family is a lot of fun! Here’s a useful checklist and tips for a successful outing with the entire family.

Inspiring Movie “Distance” By Bikepacker Markus Stitz

The Corona Lockdown has deprived many of us of our weekend adventures in nature, evening hikes and morning runs. But mostly, it has forced us to keep our distance to people we hold dear. SOURCE-friend and bike-packer Markus Stitz has used his time in lockdown to reflect on the concept of social distancing. The result

Get An Early Start: Bye Bye Winter, Hello Spring!

When you barely remember what it feels like to be outside without layers and layers of clothes – there are options for getaways…

Sustainable Travel: Making An Impact By NOT Making An Impact

Outdoor addicts and passionate globetrotters elaborate on their understanding of sustainability when traveling the world and exploring the outdoors …

Escaping the Northern Winter

If you want to dust off those hiking sandals this winter, there are quite a few destinations you could visit. The Northern winter is cold and harsh, and it’s a delightful idea to be able to escape it. Here are a few places you can consider traveling to in order to save yourself from the harshness of winter.

Trekking with Children in Nepal

Although few people consider the idea, bringing along children for a trekking vacation in Nepal is a wonderful way to explore new cultures, see fantastic scenery and expand horizons at a young age. Most children can adjust to the level of hiking each day, and you can limit it as you and your family deems appropriate…

Our Family Trip to Jerusalem and the Holy Land

Family holidays for us are always a bit of a juggling act. We are not ‘beach holiday’ people and everybody’s interests need to be catered for…

Biking The Yarkon River

The recent indifferent weather here in Israel has been making extended cycling and hiking trips a real pain to execute. As someone that grew up loving the outdoors in the less exotic climes of the UK, I’m not adverse to some bad weather.