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Triathlete’s Hydration Basics by Simon Billeau

“Recently, we see more triathlon athletes than in the past using a hydration backpack .. ” says Triathlon expert Simon Billeau.

Meet Melanie Faville, WOR Pro Team Member

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) continues to be one of the fastest growing sports – more and more women take on the challenge.

Video: On Top Of The Volcano – Adventure Run Sumatra Part 4

Watch part 4 of Richard Bowles’ mini-documentary, where he climbs on the monster’s back – and talks about the agility and other advantages of the DUNE.

Adventure World Magazine loves our DUNE Hydration Pack

The US American Adventure World Magazine tested the DUNE Hydration Pack and awards it with two thumbs up.

Road & Field Test of the SOURCE DUNE Backpack with hydration bladder

Are you thinking about getting a new Hydration System for this season? See what Meir Kanner, a consultant, researcher and coach in endurance sports, has to say about our DUNE Hydration Pack – the same pack Richard Bowles is using for his INT Run.

Talking Hydration with Richard Bowles

As day 1 of Richard Bowles’ 1,009km run gets closer and closer, we’re looking into some more details of the ambitious project: How is Richard getting his hydration organized..?

DUNE Hydration Pack – Field Test

From the moment I laid my eyes on the pack it was clear to me that whoever planned and designed the bag carried a kilo or a few dozen kilos on his or her back. They were certainly fully aware of the importance that everything should be in its place, accessible, perfectly fitted and not wobbly.