The pictures say it all: The five athletes of Team Haglöfs Silva race whatever they can, uphill and downhill. We are proud that they choose SOURCE Hydration for their adventurous expeditions and we had a chat with team-member Mattias Nyström about the upcoming Adventure Racing Season.

Mattias talks about the mission of the team, ranked number 3 in the world: «I go with my friends to the most beautiful spots in the world, get to experience the most exciting routes. And I return with the gratification of having finished another tough race.»

That sounds like pure and simple fun. But rest assured that the five Swedish outdoor-specialists are not going for a picnic. The expeditions are designed to wear out and exhaust the best endurance-racers in the world.


Foto by: Andreas Strand – Team Haglöfs Silva


Adventure Racing World Series

The races last somewhere between 3 to 6 days and they always include stages of running, hiking, mountain biking and kayaking (or something else on the water). Also some climbing and abseiling (mountaineering). Everything is done with 6-10 kg of equipment on each team-member’s back, sometimes a tent for emergencies, some sections carrying climbing gear, others with a heavy wet-suit in the pack for rafting or kayaking.


Foto by: Andreas Strand – Team Haglöfs Silva


Some numbers 

Does it still sound like fun? – When we talked about last year’s World Championships, where the team conquered the bronze medal, Matt dropped some impressive numbers. The course went up to 3,700 meters above sea level. Overall they performed about 20,000 meters in ascent and descent.

The ‘menu’ of an average race comprises around 300km of mountainbiking, 250km of running and 150km of kayaking. As if this wasn’t tough enough, at the world championship in France the kayaking was replaced by a hours long expedition in white water on a raft. Every one of the 64 participating teams had to present a certificate for white-water rafting before the start. Adventure Racing is as much about technical challenges as it is about pure endurance.


Foto by: Andreas Strand – Team Haglöfs Silva


Hydration is key

In a multi-day race, hydration is obviously a key component for success. Hands-free hydration is especially vital for mountainbiking, paddling and navigating whitewater. For this reason, the members of Team Haglöfs Silva are big fans of SOURCE Hydration.The SOURCE Widepac has it’s fixed place in their packs.

The non-return valves of the SOURCE Water Bladders allow the team-members to detach their drinking tube and pass the reservoir to a teammate, for example for refilling.  «The bladder is fast to open, close – and clean,» Mattias says, «We love SOURCE products, SOURCE solutions are made for us.» Efficient handling of the equipment is essential in a days-long race, where every minute can count in the end.


Foto by: Andreas Strand – Team Haglöfs Silva


2013 season

In between the big Adventure Races, the five team-members sign up for alpine marathons or cross-country skiing races, depending on the season. Mattias himself is a former Swedish elite cross-country skier, he was a starter for the Swedish National Team.

This year, Haglöfs Silva participates in three big events of the Adventure Racing World Series. Starting out with South Africa now in May, flying to China in September, and when cold winter comes again to Sweden, they race beautiful tropical Costa Rica. It does sound like fun!



Stay up to date

We at SOURCE will follow up close how the season is going for Haglöfs Silva, also sharing news on our SOURCE Outdoor Facebook Page.

For more about Team Haglöfs Silva, visit:
Official Website Team Haglöfs Silva