“I have been surfing since the age of 16 and this is my main occupation.” – Sounds like someone is living a dream! We are happy to support world class Freestyle Windsurfer Dudu Levi with SOURCE Hydration gear this season. We had a chat with him shortly before his first PWA World Tour Windsurfing event.

Hi Dudu, first of all congratulations for qualifying for the World Tour Event, a great accomplishment!

“Thanks, yes, I’m very excited. The first events of the European Tour went well, and now I am one of 36 riders performing at this event in Fuerteventura – it’s going to be a huge party, all the elite of windsurfing is there, with thousands of people watching.”

Please introduce yourself…

“Ok. My name is Dudu Levi. I’m a pro surfer and I live in Tel Yosef, a Kibbutz in the north of Israel – about an hour from the sea shore.”

Ah I imagined you live in the sand on the beach. How do you practice, you drive an hour every time to the beach…?

“I sail in lakes close to my house. And I travel a lot in the world, according to the seasons of the wind, I reach places that are different in the conditions of the sea and directions of the winds.

In the places where I go, I have other high-level surfers with me, and together we push each other so that we can go over and over again and learn more and more difficult moves and tricks.”

What is it you do exactly?

“I do freestyle windsurfing which means that with my equipment I can do a special things like jumps and slides, almost anything that comes to the mind.

As your social media feed proves – some great pictures and clips!

And in terms of practicing, I try to diversify activities during the days that I do not surf for example: running, cycling and swimming. In addition, every morning I start with yoga, so I keep the body from damage to the muscles and build it so that it can endure the extreme sports.

In the extra activities and training I use the SOURCE Fuse bag which allows me to take water, food, energy bars and gear almost without feeling that it is on me!”

You mentioned it, you get around, also …

“I travel a lot in the world to the sweetest spots according to the seasons of surfing. My sport takes me to some of the most beautiful places in the world and gives me the opportunity to spend time there, which allows me to see the places in with the eyes of the people who live there, rather than a tourists experience.”

Sounds fabulous.

“This summer I had a great time already at the first events of the European Freestyle Pro Tour in Sardinia, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, now it’s the event of the World Tour coming up … 2018 has been a great year.

I signed with Gun Sails from Germany just recently as a new sponsor, and of course, it’s the first year we work together, thank you SOURCE!”

We’re happy to work with you! Our Watersports Hydration Packs line is getting us to meet a lot of fun people …

“It’s the perfect hydration packs and products that accompany me in training and in daily life with a lot of style.”

Thanks! Yes, also our Verve and Hipster Wave packs are made for watersports. Giving paddlers, surfers and sailors hands-free hydration on their vessel. We’ll be following you on Social Media!

“Yes I’m on Instagram dudu4211 and on Facebook Dudu Levi.”

Thanks, have a great summer and good luck for the upcoming competitions! Find more details about our SOURCE Fuse Hydration Pack, ideal for the beach, biking or any other outdoor activity in our SOURCE online shop.