In our hydration blog we talk a lot about mountainbikers, downhilling, enduroing, blazing trails. Here’s a reminder that a bike can also serve as a preferred means of transportation: Neža Peterca talks about her next project, bike-packing 1,100km (around 700 miles) with 20,000m of elevation. We’ll be following her on our SOURCE Facebook and SOURCE Instagram accounts.

Neza Bikepacking Portrait

Hi Everyone, I am Neža, a Slovenian wild flower living in the big city of Budapest. I am a photographer and an adventurous cyclist, and the co-founder of the brand Blind Chic. an urban backpack company.

Recently I returned from my first solo bikepacking trip through the mountains of Southern Spain and completely fell in love with bicycle traveling.

Next Stop Bikepacking: Slovenia

In a few weeks, my partner and I will leave for a 1’100 km long bikepacking trip around Slovenia, my home country. The dusty road will take us through endless hills and valleys, mountains, forests and rivers, ascending and descending, all in all around 20’000 m of elevation.

Source Hydration Bikepacking Neza

Hydration Attached To My Bike Frame

On these kind of trips it is very important to carry enough water at all times – especially when you are not sure about your next chance for a refill. For this trip I chose to carry a 2L SOURCE Widepac, placed in the side of my frame bag with the drinking valve coming up at my handelbar for immediate access.

Bikepacking Hydration Frame Source

Always Bring Two Pairs Of Footwear

I like to travel light, but I also like having two pairs of footwear on my trips – and one pair is always sandals for several reasons. Wearing sandals on long tours makes your feet comfortable and cool and they dry faster than shoes after you get caught in the rain. I can cross a river without having to worry about getting wet or changing the shoes, I just get right into it.

Neza Bikepacking Source Hydration

Sandals To Air Out And To Get Wet And Dirty

For this trip I chose the Source Crosser, which was designed with wet conditions in mind. During cycling it is very important that your footwear gives you full support at all times and that the sandals are not ‘dancing’ around when the rain unexpectedly starts pouring, or when you get stuck in the mud, or when you simply just have to cross that river.

For those who want to follow us on our trip, make sure to check our Insta profile @t.w.w.c and our website