One of our favorite tricks for hydration in truly scorching heat is the ‘Frozen Widepac’ method: Packing the Widepac in the morning not with liquid water – but as a solid block of ice, frozen to the core. Depending on the heat and the pack you’re using, you’ll be sipping cold water for the most part of the day.

To get the full effect, fill your hydration system to 75-80% with fresh water the evening before. Do NOT fill it all the way, as the volume of the content increases as it freezes! We also recommend to remove the drinking tube before freezing, which is easily done thanks to the SQC one click coupling on the bladder. Then store the reservoir, lying it down flat in the freezer to avoid a shape uncomfortable to carry.

The next morning you’ll find your Widepac a solid block of ice. If you want to be able to drink early on in the outing, remove the Widepac from the freezer an hour or so before departure. That way some of the ice will have turned to water by the time you leave the house.

Also: as there’s usually a drop of water or two frozen in the connector, the SQC Quick Connect will take a few minutes to defrost, before you’re able to plug in the tube.

We recently enjoyed some days in the desert heat at 43° Celsius / 109° Farenheit and there’s nothing better than a sip of cold water at sunset… Enjoy the outdoors with SOURCE!