SOURCE Friend Hannes Slavik has a habit of racing BMX, 4X and Enduro on various bikes and obviously in various countries and environments. We love the fact he can win races and even championships on all sorts of wheels. Also in 2019 we’re happy to work with him, and he’ll be sporting our Hydration Packs. Here’s his season preview for 2019 – we’ll keep you up to date in our Social Media channels!

Hi Hannes – we’re happy to work together again this year! What do you have planned?

The MTB season was off to quite a late start this year …

But as we know you .. you weren’t just sitting around .. 

I’ve been super busy this past month anyways, coaching the BMX National Team and rebuilding my home-track in Vösendorf. Now, finally it’s the middle of May and now all the race action is right in in front of us.

The Red Bull Pumptrack Qualifier took place earlier in the season. It was rainy and getting my quite heavy 83kg – muscles only – body around slippery turns is not as easy as it is for the skinnier boys. But for sure I also made some mistakes and didn’t want to risk crashing before the season even started…

So what’s coming up now? 

This weekend, one of my favorite events is coming up: Kalnica Bikefest with Pumptrack and Dual Slalom action. As I managed to win this race a few times in previous years, my expectations are high, and I can’t wait to get out there.

One up your ally .. good luck with that one!

Right after I have to pack my stuff and catch my flight to the highlands Fort William 4X Protour and UCI MTB Worldcup. You will get some updates from me during this trip! As I am traveling alone, I better don’t crash there 😛

Please don’t – and we’re looking forward to sharing pictures and updates from that trip also in our Social Media channels!

Further down the calendar, I’m planning a bunch of races all over Austria, Eastern and Western Europe, from Czech JBC 4X Revelations to World Championships in Italy and BMX Worlds.

  • Crankworx Innsbruck – one of the world’s biggest MTB Events in my home country – love that so much!
  • BMX Nationals on my brand new and pretty technical home-track
  • Coaching at the BMX Europeans
  • Sick 4x action with 10 000+ crazy Czech spectators at the JBC 4x Revelations
  • Switching back to the BMX for the Worlds (coaching and RIDING)
  • UCI 4x World Championships in Italy – Val Di Sole

A busy schedule! 

Yes. And then ……… something really big should come up at the end of the season. But is still not officially announced by the organizers. So can’t talk about it. But stay tuned!

That sounds excellent – we can’t wait to learn more. 

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We’ll be in touch – good luck and cheers to an amazing 2019 season!!