“It’s a big honor to be the headpic of the new Red Bull Pumptrack World Championship and the qualifying events.” says Hannes Slavik, MTB and BMX pro rider, and long time #sourcehydration ambassador. Here’s a chat with him about Pumptracks and the new race series launched by Red Bull in cooperation with the Pumptrack experts at Velosolutions.


Hannes on the track. Picture by Markus Slavik chosen to promote Red Bull’s new race series worldwide.

Hannes Slavik, you race 4-Cross, Enduro, BMX … are you going to compete also in the new Pumptrackworlds Series?

“For sure I will be a competitor representing Austria. Our national qualifying event will be in Neunkirchen. We had the Austrian Pumptrack Series organized by the Lines Magazine there last year. I won that event. So I really hope I can repeat this performance in May and qualify for the World Champ Event in Lenzerheide (Switzerland).”

What bikes do you ride on the Pumptrack?

“Normally I prefer my Ghost 4x Bike for those Pumptrack racing events. I put some Maxxis Slicks on my wheels to make it run as fast as possible. But the Pumptrack in Neunkirchen is different. The berms are really tight because the whole area is quite small and between the hills space is also minimized. So for that event on this really tight course I will race my BMX bike again.”

Sounds like fun. What makes Pumptrack attractive for you?

“For me Pumptrack riding is something truly everyone, kid or grown rider, can learn and enjoy quite fast. It’s a tough workout, it’s fun and the most important thing: it improves your riding because you need a lot of great basic skills to get through the turns and bumps fast.”

Sounds like you’re embracing the energy-boost Pumptrack riding gets with it’s own race series.

“Very much. Also because last but not least: Pumptracks are a great location to get more people, especially kids, into MTB and BMX riding. For me, also as the national coach of the Austrian BMX team, this is a very important fact and also why I’ve worked with Velosolutions in the past.”

Good luck at the qualifying – and of course we expect to see you in Lenzerheide at the final event!

“To all the riders out there: find out where your nearest Pumptrack is and give it a try! I hope you enjoy it. If it is an asphalt Pumptrack you can ride it with everything that has wheels on it: Bike, Scooter, Skateboard, even Skates … there are more months to train for the Worlds – perhaps we meet up there!”

Thanks, Hannes for the chat!

2017-04 Source Hydration Pack Hannes Slavik Vienna

Hannes last year in Vienna showing off his SOURCE Whistler pack