We’ve been supporting the Rootstock Adventure Racing Team for many years now with our SOURCE Hydration Solution. We value their feedback highly and we are proud to know that our products help them win races and championships around the globe. Here’s the latest feedback from the team – we are happy to share their experience with some of our SOURCE Hydration Solutions in 2018.

SOURCE’s products demonstrate a true understanding of what adventurers need and want

“As always, we relied exclusively on SOURCE’s fantastic Widepac hydration systems, but this year we also experimented more with the Durabag Kayak and the Race 15L pack. In our longer events, the Durabag Kayak hydration system has proven to be an invaluable piece of equipment. With a durable but lightweight protective cover, the 2.5 liter reservoir provides ample hydration for a long paddling leg or training session, and the bag has a convenient clip and more importantly an extra-long hose for easy drinking.

Durabag Kayak: Lightweight, Convenient, Tough

We no longer have to wear cumbersome packs over our PFDs, add extra weight to our backs, or awkwardly reach for a hydration pack that either rolls in the bottom of the boat or is just a bit too far out of reach. The Kayak Durabag’s long hose allows for easy and comfortable drinking while paddling, and easier drinking means better hydration when out on the water.

When in canoes or in tandem kayaks, we also have found the Durabag allows the entire team to share the same reservoir and hose, allowing us to race faster and more efficiently. To say the Durabag Kayak is a game changer is an understatement!

Race 15L Hydration Pack: Comfortable, Surprisingly Spacious

In shorter races, we also found the Race 15L pack is perfect for Adventure Racing. While racers can’t pack expedition race quantities of gear in the pack, it is surprisingly spacious with some of the biggest and most comfortable hip pockets we have found on race packs.

The SOURCE Race pack also has an impressive zippering expansion function that allows the pack to expand just enough to accommodate gear for a warmer weather 12 or 24-hour race or a colder weather sprint. Its low profile, easy cinch straps and buckles and reservoir-specific pocket all make this pack easy to use and a perfect pack for the gear closet.

Diverse Hydration Products

In any endurance event, hydration is, of course, crucial to success. SOURCE’s diverse assortment of products mean more efficient and effective hydration, and this means faster and, more importantly, happy racers. While other companies design reservoirs that are hard to open or packs that are too heavy or less user friendly, SOURCE’s products demonstrate a true understanding of what adventurers need and want, and they allow everyone to go farther and do so more comfortably.

We couldn’t do what we do without products like those produced by SOURCE, and we thank them for helping us make 2018 our best season of Adventure Racing thus far. Here is to a successful 2019!