Last week, Adventure Runner Richard Bowles announced his new project: a 1,200 km trail run in the Australian Outback – including ‘live updates’ from the trail. We met for a chat with him on Google Hangout.

Sharing his emotions and thoughts on trail with the camera will be a challenge for him, he says – even though he’s not your typical introvert long distance runner. Still, running on trail is the place and situation where he retreats to his ‘secret place’, as he calls it in our SOURCE Athlete Hangout, to find the strength and conviction to run two marathons a day in rough terroir.

On Friday we had our first ever SOURCE Athlete Hangout with him. Check out the recording below. Memorable quotes: “It’s not the pain that stopped me, I can handle pain, the infection just literally brought me to my knees.” (About the time-out on the Israel National Trail last spring). – “The question is: How much can you suffer?” (About running an ultra.) – “I’m just following a feeling. It’s not about the Why, but about the How.” – Take a look!



With his next project, starting on Sunday 4th May 2014, Richard is taking on another legendary trail in Australia: He will run an average of 85km each day (two marathons) along South Australia’s ancient backbone; The Heysen Trail. A trail that spans 1,200km the length of the rugged Flinders Ranges in the outback to the coast. Find more info in the links below. Best of luck from the entire SOURCE team!


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