The outdoor sports trade show ISPO Beijing 2014 set another record in its 10th year with 30,000 industry professionals attending – of course we were there, showing our new 2014 products.

Asia has had a boom in outdoor sports for the last 10-20 years. In China, the first outdoor sports store opened in 1995 only. But the growth rate since then is something like a dizzying 50% a year.


A SPRESH Squeezable Bottle on the Great Wall in China


Next year, ISPO for the first time plans a summer-edition of their Outdoor Show. Of course we were at this year’s anniversary-edition in Beijing last month, and successfully presented our Hydration Systems, SPRESH Squeezable Bottles and Footwear together with our local distributor.

As every show has its own dynamics, at the ISPO Beijing we ended up with our SPRESH Squeezable Bottles used for a drinking game at our booth – it was a great success (see pictures below). Find our new 2014 products in stores and online here on!