The Gear Junkies from The Gear took our Whistler Bike Backpack for a thorough testing. They passed it around and came up with a conclusion that confirms our designer’s intentions spot-on: “The made-for-freeride pack fits comfortably and has everything you need to haul gear while bombing the trails.”

The Whistler Pack (20L) is our flagship for free riders that need storage-space and lots of loops and straps to put away protective gear, helmet and spare parts. When empty, it’s a compact hydration pack that snugs to your back, also thanks to the wide hip-belt. The hip-belt’s integrated mesh pockets holds easily accessible essentials.

Read what The Gear Junkie has to say about it:
SOURCE Whistler Hydration Backpack Review

And finally, here’s our clip on YouTube introducing the Whistler’s main features: