Hydration Systems





SOURCE is proud to be one of the world’s leading innovators in the field of hydration technology. Our advanced water systems provide clean, refreshing and easily accessible hydration solutions for people on the move. The wide range of hydration systems on offer at SOURCE has been designed using unique and advanced technology that represents a quantum leap in hydration systems and makes SOURCE the number one choice for hydration.[+] Read More

It is not just trekkers and those on foot that are catered for by SOURCE; an extensive range of innovative hydration packs for cycling compliments the substantial selection of hydration packs that have been carefully developed by SOURCE.  All the hydration bladders and hydration backpacks contain the specially developed SOURCE Taste-Free™ system ensuring customers get a delicious and refreshing drink. Also included in the SOURCE hydration system is our unique Grunge-Guard™ technology, which prevents the growth of bacteria  in the reservoir for the life of the system.  All the hydration packs come with SOURCE's Glass-Like™ Film which prevents bio-film build up, making them self cleaning systems. Our Glass-Like™ Film is 1000% smoother than standard PU films, with only a 50% difference from glass itself.

No matter what the adventure, SOURCE has the perfect hydration system designed especially for you.

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