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Widepac 2L + Sawyer
Filter | Filtering
Hydration System

Widepac with inline Sawyer Mini water filter

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Widepac Hydration with Sawyer Mini Filter

No fiddling with pumps and filters and chemicals. The new Widepac with inline Sawyer filter lets you re-fill your SOURCE from any creek, river, well, lake or pond and be sure to drink clean water. Unless you’re in the desert, this also means: carrying less water, as you are free to refill on the trail!

Sawyer Mini-Filter: How it works

As water passes through the side walls of the filter micro-fibrous tubes, harmful bacteria and protozoa are trapped in the outer walls so you can be confident your water is safe to drink.

Long lasting

Filter up to 100,000 gallons from freshwater lakes, rivers or streams. Sawyer filters are so robust, they can be backwashed and reused over and over. No replacement cartridges needed.


Removes 99,99999% of bacteria (Salmonella, cholera and E.coli) and 99,9999% of protozoa (cryptosporidium and giardia), exceeding EPA recommendations for removal rates. No chemicals or batteries required.

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Technology Features and Specs

The wide and unique opening provides convenience for filling and drying the bladder while proven to withstand also high pressure.
SOURCE exclusive PET film with a smooth glass-like surface that makes it difficult for any substance or bacteria to stick to the bladder's wall.
The Widepac maintains the taste of the contents 100% without any plastic aftertaste.
The FDA approved and EPA registered material of our hydration film ensures that the bladder鈥檚 surface stays clean and smooth with little to zero maintenance, not affecting taste or quality of the contents - for the life of the product.
Water in a Widepac will stay fresh for days and even weeks. No need to clean the bladder again, just refill and drink again and again.

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