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Squeezable Water Bottle

(US Patent: US 8,505,783 B2)


A breakthrough in hydration perception!

A unique and innovative squeezable bottle allowing you to easily saturate yourself 'on the move' by squeezing it and controlling the flow of water. All this in a 'one hand operation' - just squeeze and SPRESH yourself.


The squeezable "SPRESH", SOURCE's most innovative bottle, is a FUN new take on the personal water bottle.

The patented cool design in seven bright rainbow colors will certainly add FUN to your water and keep you hydrated wherever your adventures lead you.

As sipping and head tilting is not required, the one hand operation provides high performance features that allow the user to drink on the move & during sport activities.

  • Made of a unique material
  • Odorless and taste free
  • 100% recyclable
  • Totally BPA and phthalates free
  • Durable and Leakage Safe
  • It's the ultimate eco-friendly alternative to disposable bottles


  • Capacity 0.6L / 20oz.
  • Dimension 23cm X 7cm.
  • Weight 218gr.
  • Material food approved TPE and POM.
  • Valve type push-pull.
  • Bottle Opening wide, from the bottom.






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Push the drinking tip back in, turn the bottle upside down and unscrew the base cap. Fill with fresh water, close and tighten the cap. Freezable - just make sure the SPRESH is only half filled.


Hold the SPRESH upright upright towards your mouth and pull out the drinking tip with your teeth. Start drinking, using tip as a straw. Squeeze the bottle to increase the flow.


Half fill with water and a few drops of lemon or soap. Shake well and rinse.


  • Do not fill or wash with water above 70ºC (160º-F).
  • Do not microwave or expose to temperatures above 70ºC (160º-F).
  • Please note: When not in use, leave bottle open to air dry.



Rating And Reviews

5/ 5stars
Based on 12 reviews

Written by: on 2011-02-17

Simple and brilliant!

Written by: on 2011-07-04

Great bottle, very comfortable, cool colors... I use it daily...

Written by: on 2011-09-16

Great invention. I use it on my bike, while cycling, and don't have to tilt my head back but can concentrate on the road. Fits into bottle cage (only a small gap, but so far doesn't fall out).

Written by: on 2011-10-06

found it hard to use. you cannot add ice cubes to water...

Written by: on 2011-10-09

huh? why can't you add ice cubes? I use mine with ice. It is actually really convenient for ice because a regular bottle is to narrow and this one lets you open the whole bottom so that they fit.

Written by: on 2011-10-22

my daughter loves it & says the water is even better tasting!

Written by: on 2011-10-25

Excellent but too small - need larger size!

Written by: on 2012-02-28

love the design, very edgy

Written by: on 2013-01-14

Great water bottle. The kids love it and its good while driving as don't have to tilt head.

Written by: on 2013-03-07

Really unique design. I love it! The only thing is it is a bit hard to freeze it because the ice blocks the hole part and you cant squeeze it. Other than that it is a great drink bottle.

Written by: on 2013-04-05

For road biking, a larger size bottle (at least 800 cc and even more) is immediately required. Please work on it.

Written by: on 2013-11-13

I bought a bottle this week in Ludlow, UK. It's just what I have been looking for - brilliant to use and good-looking too. I shall take it on my walks and to my Zumba classes with pride!