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SOURCE is a leading manufacturer of outdoor footwear, offering a wide variety of top quality sandals for hiking, trekking and watersports, always at affordable prices. Special patented fast dry straps and triple layered soles can be found across our entire hiking sandals range, with comfort and durability blending superbly to make top quality footwear.

  • Classic Men Sandals

    Classic Men Sandals

  • Stream Men Sandals

    Stream Men Sandals

  • Atacama Women's Sandals

    Atacama Women's Sandals

  • Carmel Women's Sandals | New collection

    Carmel Women's Sandals | New...

  • Avenue Women's Sandals Power Pink

    Avenue Women's Sandals

  • Classic Women Sandals

    Classic Women Sandals

  • Stream Women Sandals

    Stream Women Sandals

  • Classic Girls Sandals

    Classic Girls Sandals

  • Classic Kids KD Blue 1

    Classic Kids Sandals

  • Djibouti Leather Footbed Men Flip Flops

    Djibouti Leather Footbed Men...

  • Leather Footbed Urban Men Ocean Grey

    Leather Footbed Urban Men

  • Leather Footbed Urban Women's

    Leather Footbed Urban Women's

  • Djibouti Men Flip-Flops Triangle Blue

    Djibouti Men Flip-Flops

    $31.50 Sale! $45.00
  • Balbala Women Flip-Flops

    Balbala Women Flip-Flops