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Widepac Filter Hydration System

  • All SOURCE Hydration Systems are BPA and EA Free

Fill your SOURCE Widepac with water from any source - and be sure to drink clean water thanks to the inline SAWYER Mini Filter.

    Widepac Filter Hydration System
    Care & Use

    Water Filtering Widepac: Drink From Any Source

    Widepac Hydration with Sawyer Mini Filter

    No fiddling with pumps and filters and chemicals. The new Widepac with inline Sawyer filter lets you re-fill your SOURCE from any creek, river, well, lake or pond and be sure to drink clean water. Unless you're in the desert, this also means: carrying less water, as you are free to refill on the trail!

    Sawyer Mini-Filter: How it works

    As water passes through the side walls of the filter micro-fibrous tubes, harmful bacteria and protozoa are trapped in the outer walls so you can be confident your water is safe to drink

    Long lasting

    Filter up to 100,000 gallons from freshwater lakes, rivers or streams. Sawyer filters are so robust, they can be backwashed and reused over and over. No replacement cartridges needed.


    Removes 99,99999% of bacteria (Salmonella, cholera and E.coli) and 99,9999% of protozoa (cryptosporidium and giardia), exceeding EPA recommendations for removal rates. No chemicals or batteries required.

    Widepac Hydration System features

    • Widepac™ closing (US Patent n° 7,648,276,B2)
    • 3 layered membrane
    • SQC™ (SOURCE Quick Connect)
    • Coextruded tube
    • UV protection cover
    • Valve Helix™
    • Dirt Shield™ valve protection
    • Docking Station™

    SOURCE Hydration technologies

    Widepac Closure (U.S Patent No. 7,648,276,B2) - The original user-friendly Widepac™ Slide Closure opens wide, allows easy filling, cleaning, draining, and ice insertion. Airtight seal. Most SOURCE Hydration Systems and Hydration Packs feature reservoirs with our signature Widepac Closure.

    Taste-Free™ System - Our co-extruded PE film retains the pure taste with absolutely no plastic flavor, also over time. (BPA and Phthalate free.)

    GrungeGuard™ Technology - Our GrungeGuard™-Technology inhibits bacteria growth on the reservoir and drinking tube for the life of the system. Technology utilizes FDA-approved and EPA-registered anti-microbial agent. 

    Glass-Like™ Technology - SOURCE's Glass-Like™ Film is 2000% smoother than standard TPU films, with virtually no difference from glass itself. This multi-layer Polyethylene film, manufactured in accordance with SOURCE's Glass-Like™ technology, prevents bio-film build up, making the system virtually self-cleaning.

    Easy Care & Low Maintenance - Glass-Like™ technology combined with Grunge-Guard™ technology represents a new generation in hydration systems, in which cleaning is no longer an issue! Simply refill with water and drink again and again without special care. Water will remain fresh for days and even weeks. 

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    Widepac Filter Hydration System

    Widepac Filter Hydration System

    Fill your SOURCE Widepac with water from any source - and be sure to drink clean water thanks to the inline SAWYER Mini Filter.

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    Write a review and get 20% off your next purchase!
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    Excellent water filter for backpacking
    Used this for 4 weeks on the CT trail in Colorado. It is durable and time saving. Only wish it was a bit larger.
    This review has been posted for  Widepac Filter Hydration System
    Reply by SOURCE
    Thank you for the feedback! The filter tube is also available standalone and can be combined with any of our reservoirs (standard size up to 3L). Enjoy the outdoors with SOURCE!
    Matériels de qualité. Plaisir d'utilisation !
    Attention, le dernier colis reçu était bien complet mais la soudure du sachet plastique a lâché et le paquet était donc ouvert sur toute la longueur. Je suis même étonné que tout y était.
    Merci pour le sérieux de votre entreprise et la rapidité des livraisons.
    Bien cordialement,
    Patrick Gaudin
    This review has been posted for  Widepac Filter Hydration System
    • 2L/70oz 2L/70oz

    " Our tester left water in the Widepac for eight weeks without cleaning and reported no stinky taste or smell."
    " More to love: The top opens wide like a paper bag for rapid filling. "

    Mountain Bike Action Magazine SOURCE Hydration Review

    " You owe it to yourself to use one of Source’s reservoirs. They truly are the best, cleanest-tasting reservoirs we’ve ever used. "

    Design Innovation Award

    " The perfect option for high-mountain adventurers and minimalist riders. "
    " A big advantage on long rides, or for racers looking to find water on the course. "
    " Combined with the easy-to-clean Widepac hydration kit, you will never be short of water again. "

    SOURCE Ultimate Review
    Source Ultimate Review

    " Forget about the plastic taste of your standard hydration system. The Widepac gives you full original taste of your drink from the first sip."

    Vital MTB
    star star star star star
    Source Widepac Hydration System

    " Filling up Source bladders is easy thanks to the wide opening."
    " The Helix is drip-free, and very easy to drink from. "
    " It is one of the easiest to use thanks to its nearly self-maintaining properties, and it is completely taste-free."