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Hydration UTA Pro
Kit | Universal Tube

Refill your water bladder without removing it from the backpack


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This revolutionary solution enables you to refill your hydration bladder while on the move, now with extra accessories

When you are outdoors and active, you probably appreciate the fastest way to refill your hydration bladder without the hassle of having to take your backpack off to access it. With Source UTA Rapid Refill, refilling is no longer an issue.

The UTA Kit is a groundbreaking solution to refilling your Source Hydration system while on the move. It allows you to fill the bladder directly through the drinking tube without removing the pack from your back or even opening it. Ideal for walking, running, hiking, biking, or when outside for hours, the UTA Tube Refill Adaptor will become your fast replacement water source when it comes to hydration.


  • Fits a variety of water bottles and indoor/outdoor taps and faucets
  • Filling time of the water bladder with UTA from a 1.5L bottle: 50 seconds
  • Filling time of the water bladder with UTA from a tap: 2L in 45 sec, 3L in 1 min 05 sec
  • The SQC/QMT provides push-button access for fast and easy disconnection and connection of the drinking tube and valve
  • The 360-degree cylindrical Helix™ Bite Valve delivers fast water flow
  • Dirt Shield will protect the valve from sand, dust, and mud
  • The UTA weighs only 0.7 oz (20g), measures 1.6 inches (40mm) in diameter, 2.4 inches (60mm) in height, and has a 37-inch (94cm) drinking tube length


The UTA Rapid Refill Kit includes

  • UTA Adaptor
  • Drinking Tube with SQC Quick Connector on both ends
  • Helix Drinking Valve


How to Use

Before refilling suck all the air out of the hydration system. Then connect the UTA to the neck of the bottle and disconnect the drinking valve from the drinking tube. Connect the drinking tube to the UTA and lift the bottle higher than the bladder to allow the water to flow. When the bladder is full, disconnect the UTA from the tube and reconnect the drinking valve. Remove the UTA from the bottle.

UTA - Refill Hydration System from Bottle

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