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Inspiring Movie “Distance” By Bikepacker Markus Stitz

The Corona Lockdown has deprived many of us of our weekend adventures in nature, evening hikes and morning runs. But mostly, it has forced us to keep our distance to people we hold dear. SOURCE-friend and bike-packer Markus Stitz has used his time in lockdown to reflect on the concept of social distancing. The result

Silk Road Mountain Race With SOURCE Widepac Filter Hydration System

How to manage Hydration in a solo bike-race at the end of the world in Kyrgysztan covering 1,000s of miles and 1,000s of feet of elevation…? Here’s how Markus Stitz did it.

“Brutal And Beautiful” Silk Road Mountain Race

Markus Stitz is one of THE bikepackers out there in the world, and he’s seen it all (you would think), as he’s rounded the planet on a single-speed bike all by himself. We are proud to say he counts on SOURCE Hydration and packs for some years now (see what he packs in his Hipster

Silk Road Mountain Race – How To Pack & Prepare For The Unknown…

Talking about extreme adventures, sports and racing in particular, there’s always a lot of talk about preparation. But how do you prepare for the unknown? Here’s how Markus Stitz around-the-world biker prepared for “definitely the hardest race” and “most challenging race” he was just in – he is reminiscing while he is waiting for the

Hipster Hydration Pack as Drone Carrier

How to comfortably carry a drone on a bike-tour and have easy access at all times? Around-the-world bike adventurer Markus Stitz found the perfect solution: Our Hipster Hydration Belt serves him as his ‘drone-carrier’. Here’s how. While you will find a variety of bulky carrying solutions like rucksacks on the market, for me that was